Multiplex: The Revenge (Book Three)

Created by Gordon McAlpin

Multiplex: The Revenge (Book Three)
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442 backers pledged $25,238.97 on Kickstarter

The Multiplex 10 Cinemas faces off against the staff of Flickhead Video (and more!) in the latest Multiplex trade paperback!

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$25,238.97 / 442 backers
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Learn About Our Project:

UPDATE (7/27/15): I've made the first chapter from Multiplex: The Revenge (Chapter 11) FREE for anyone, not just backers — to give you a taste of what the book will be like.

Reward packs which include the Book Three eBook set will now also include the first chapter of Book FOUR (Chapter 16).

Multiplex Movie Review Milestone Goals!

If we can reach the following milestones, I will watch and draw comics of the Multiplex 10's resident film snob Jason reviewing selected works of his arch-nemesis, Michael Bay. (One strip per movie!)

  • $20,000 before July 28 at Midnight (Central)
  • $22,000 before July 29 at Midnight (Central)
    Bad Boys and Bad Boys II — UNLOCKED!
  • $24,000 before July 30 at Midnight (Central)


Multiplex is an online comic about the staff of a movie theater. It has been running for ten years — since July 10, 2005. I've previously run, funded and fulfilled two Kickstarter projects, for the print collections Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show and Multiplex: There and Back Again. And now, the Multiplex gang is back, hoping to raise funds to produce a third collection… Multiplex: The Revenge!

Multiplex: Books One and Two
Multiplex: Books One and Two

Multiplex: The Revenge will contain Chapters 11–15 of the series (strips #217–338, which ran from March 2008 to March 2009). In this volume, Jason and Angie get serious, the Multiplex 10 and Flickhead crews battle it out on the silver screen (sort of), and Gretchen has her long overdue comeuppance.

All of the Multiplex books strive to be new-reader friendly, so if you haven't read either of the first two books (or haven't read them in a long time), there will be a six-page "The Story So Far" comic to get you up to speed. And even if you've read all the comics online, there will be about 35 pages of all-new material to flesh out all the dramedy. That's over four months worth of comics!

Kurt and Jason chat politely about The Incredible Hulk in this bonus strip from Chapter 12
Kurt and Jason chat politely about The Incredible Hulk in this bonus strip from Chapter 12
Multiplex #248: Training Day (from the original archives)
Multiplex #248: Training Day (from the original archives)

All the new material means there's finally room to answer one of the questions I get asked most at conventions — "Whatever happened to Brian?" Brian (and his accomplice) will turn up in a few bonus strips spread throughout the book expanding on their existing appearances, and culminating in an all-new arc at the end of the book set on opening night of Zack Snyder's Watchmen!

Rather than working on the new material for the book sporadically in my "free time" (ha!) between freelance design or illustration work, with your help, I can get the book in your hands next year. I know I would rather be working on Multiplex, and I know Multiplex fans would prefer that, too! I hope I can count on your support to help me continue the Multiplex book series.

This is based on an early cover idea (parodying the poster for Jaws: the Revenge); I'm not sure if I'll be using this or not…
This is based on an early cover idea (parodying the poster for Jaws: the Revenge); I'm not sure if I'll be using this or not…

Who are you?

I'm Gordon McAlpin, the writer and illustrator of Multiplex. I've previously run — and fulfilled — two Kickstarter projects, for the first two print collections.

Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show (Book One) was enthusiastically reviewed by the Chicago Tribune, Fandomania, Weekly Comic Book Review, Comics Waiting Room and a host of other comics sites and publications. Multiplex: There and Back Again (Book Two) won the Gold medal for Graphic Novel/Drawn Book–Humor/Cartoon in the 2014 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Tell me more about these crazy rewards!

PDF eBooks! Multiplex is illustrated with vector shapes using Adobe Illustrator. The PDF eBooks preserve the art as vectors, making them the best possible reproduction and a really fun way to read the strip, especially on a tablet.

The eBooks will be made available to backers as they are completed. Chapters 1–11 are already finished and will be made available to backers with them in their reward packs as soon as the project is successfully funded!

Read Chapter 11 for FREE!
Read Chapter 11 for FREE!

Mini-posters! The set of three 11"x17" mini-posters included in several of the rewards packs will feature the movie poster parody artwork from the T-shirts for the last two Kickstarter projects — plus one brand new design parodying a movie poster suggested by you, the Kickstarter backers. Brokeback Multiplex? The Multiplex Strikes Back? It's up to you! (Posters will be folded in half for shipment.)

UPDATE: I totally forgot about another older parody poster I did, so let's make that FOUR instead:

Multiplex parody posters (not final art)
Multiplex parody posters (not final art)

Bookmarks! Bookmarks included with the Basic Sponsor Pack (and up) will look similar to this. The "frames" will pull from throughout the Multiplex series, however, not just Book One:

(Not final art)
(Not final art)

Sketches! Original character sketches included with Premium Sponsor Pack will look something like this, though not all sketches will be toned with Copics; I like to figure something out that feels appropriate to each sketch:

Becky as a Regency-era lass
Becky as a Regency-era lass

Be an extra in Book Three! With the Extra pack (as well as the Strip Pack and the Dinner and a Movie Pack), you will appear in one of the bonus comics for Book Three. You may or may not have a line of dialogue (they haven't been written yet; it's kind of the luck of the draw), but you will get a digital image of you as you appear in the strip suitable for use as a social media avatar.

Several readers appear in the audience for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith in Book One
Several readers appear in the audience for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith in Book One

Movie Review Comics! With the Movie Snob Pack (and up), you can select a movie — any (non-pornographic) movie — for me to write and draw a review comic strip featuring either Jason and/or Kurt, whomever qyou prefer (if you have a preference). Here's an example from the Book Two Kickstarter project:

Jason reviews the Addams Family movies in this Review Comic from the Book Two Kickstarter
Jason reviews the Addams Family movies in this Review Comic from the Book Two Kickstarter

NOTE: To keep shipping costs down, all physical rewards will be shipped at the same time, in as few shipments as possible, when Book Three is ready to ship — approximately September 2016.

Budget (tentative)

The funding goal — the amount needed to create and ship the books and all the rewards — is $24,000. The largest expense, of course, is the print run. Due to increases in both labor and material costs (probably inflation, too), the printing quotes I’ve seen have been at least 30% higher than for Book Two (despite identical specs and projected quantities), and so the funding goal needs to be higher to account for that and the increased fees and income taxes.

I'd also like to use BackerKit (or a similar service), which introduces an additional expense but should greatly simplify the fulfillment and pre-order process for non-backers — as well as give you the ability to upgrade your rewards package even after the funding period has ended.

All the numbers below are approximate, but this breakdown gives you some idea of where the funding will go:

  • Printing, including proofs, freight from China, customs, etc.: approx. $8,000
  • Production costs, including the creation of Book Three’s new material, print production/pre-press, proofreading, rewards creation, fulfillment, etc.: $6000 
  • Income taxes: 15% ($3,600) 
  • Kickstarter fees: 5% ($1,200)
  • Payment processing fees: approx. 4% ($960)
  • BackerKit, to facilitate order fulfillment/upgrades (tentative): $299 setup fee + 1% of total funds ($240)
  • Postage and shipping supplies: $2000 
  • Rewards printing: $700
  • Warehousing/storage fees (one year): $300
  • Marketing/promotion (of the book): $700

This budget is meant to give me a little wiggle room, because at $6,000 for roughly six months of work, I’m only making about minimum wage for the time I’ll be working on the book and will not be able to absorb any overages as I did with Book One. (This factors in $600/month from my ongoing Patreon project, which covers the ongoing expenses for the webcomic during that same timeframe.)

Kickstarter funds will be used solely for book-related expenses. If there are any funds remaining once the project is completely fulfilled, I will continue to push forward with the bonus material for the collected editions — and include the eBooks of any chapters produced to backers with the Book Three eBooks (Chapters 11–15).

Timeline (tentative)

As with the Kickstarter projects for Books One and Two, this project doesn’t only fund the print run for the books, but also the production of the new material in the book.

  • Production will begin as soon as the Kickstarter project passes its funding goal — even before the funds have been received!
  • Fall/early winter 2015: Short break in production for my final semester of grad school
  • Winter 2015: Resume production of bonus material (2–3 months)
  • Spring 2016: Production of the book (layout, proofreading, pre-press)
  • Late Spring 2016: Send files to printer, proofing (one month)
  • Summer 2016: The book printer will work its magic while I produce the rewards (mini-posters, bookmarks, etc.)
  • Late Summer/Early Fall 2016: Fulfillment!

I'm hoping to have the books and all rewards in backers' hands in September 2016. I think this is a fairly conservative estimate.

Stretch Goals!

If we go over the goal, every penny pledged will go toward the production of future Multiplex collections.

For every additional $2,000, I’ll be able to continue working on bonus strips for the collected editions and laying out the print book — reducing the production costs needed for a future Book Four Kickstarter Project.

Chapters 16–20 comprise Book Four, which was conceived as the conclusion to “Act One” of Multiplex’s planned nine book run.

$26,000: CHAPTER 17 EBOOK — I'll also produce the bonus comics for Chapter 17 AND add the finished eBook to all reward packs that include the Book Three eBooks.

$38,000: CHAPTERS 18–20 EBOOKS — I'll produce the bonus comics for Chapters 18–20 AND add the finished eBook to all reward packs that include the Book Three eBooks. (Chapters 18–20 don’t have as much new material in them as 16 or 17.)

Thank you once again for your support!

Special thanks go out to the people who helped me with the "book trailer" in the project video:

Karyn Dossinger as “Gretchen”
Matt Matonich as “Josh” as “The Hulk”
Brandon J. Carr as “Movie Trailer Voice Guy”
Background music courtesy Purple Planet

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Multiplex: The Revenge is now completely* fulfilled!
7 days ago – Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 10:35:37 PM

Multiplex: The Revenge is now completely* fulfilled… or will be as soon as I send off this last stack of books tomorrow. Apologies once again for the delays, and thank you once again for helping make Book Three a reality!

* There's actually one last reward, because one person has not told me what to draw for his custom comic… :P

If you haven't received your book, give it a week (in the US) or two (elsewhere) and contact me; I'll look up the tracking information and send you a new copy if it's been lost. The USPS has been delivering the domestic (Media Mail) packages shockingly fast this time around.

Once you do get them, I hope you enjoy it! I had a lot of fun on the bonus comics in this collection, particularly the Dark Knight and Watchmen strips.

As a reminder, I'm already working on bonus comics for Book Four! Instead of using the Kickstarter to fund the production of the bonus comics, I'm posting those exclusively over at Patreon — and posting the occasional Multiplex Movie Review comic, as well. As each chapter is completed, I'll release those as a PDF eBook (for $1.99 each); Chapter 16 should come out early next month.

When all five chapters are complete, I'll launch a Kickstarter to fund the print run. This will help avoid the long delays or huge jumps in postage costs that happened with Book Three. Again, if you're interested in helping me with those costs, you can send a few dollars via PayPal to! (One person donated recently and I didn't get an e-mail address to say thank you. So… thank you!)

One last thing: while packaging up the last of the three book sets for Kickstarter, I found a handful of copies of Book One that I didn't realize I had. So there is now a VERY limited number of Book One Artist's Editions available again in the Multiplex Store! (Seven copies, at this time.) If you need to complete your set and want me to draw in it, now's your chance!

Multiplex: The Revenge is now officially on sale, thanks to YOU.
12 days ago – Wed, Jun 14, 2017 at 12:27:31 PM

Multiplex: The Revenge is now officially on sale, thanks to YOU and 441 other backers!

If you haven't received your book yet, I'm working on them as fast as I can. I've been having shoulder and elbow pain that have been slowing me down on any drawing… which will hopefully be resolved before I have to dive into the animation chores on the Multiplex 10 short.

Thanks to those of you who have chipped in additional funds to balance out the unexpectedly higher rates for international shipping (approximately $5 per book, which has added up to more than a month's rent because I'm dealing with over 150 books crossing a border somewhere in the world). If you're inclined to do so, too, you can send money to or (some people are having issues with one or the other).

Thank you again!

Books! Here!
about 2 months ago – Thu, May 04, 2017 at 12:56:39 PM

ugh, just carried all these in by myself. gonna die now.

May the Fourth will be with me!
about 2 months ago – Mon, May 01, 2017 at 10:36:40 PM

Hey, Book Three backers. I finally got a notification from the delivery folks. It looks like Multiplex: The Revenge (Book Three) is scheduled to arrive at my place on May 4th (give or take a day, perhaps).

As always, I'll keep you posted when I know more — or when they show up and I have to start wheeling them into my apartment one stack at a time.

This is what the book looks like!
3 months ago – Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 03:13:09 PM

The cover
The cover


An interior spread
An interior spread


Another interior spread
Another interior spread


Hey look another interior spread
Hey look another interior spread

A handful of advanced copies of Book Three are in!

The good: The interiors look terrific. The paper stock is a bit thinner and lighter than previous volumes, but no less opaque. And the book lays flat nicely on its own, unlike the previous volumes.

The (not so) bad: You see that the "superhero" on the cover did not stand out nearly as much as the proofs had suggested. A couple of you guys mentioned that before… ah well. But he is still visible (even he isn't in this photo). That's something to tweak if I ever do a second printing, I guess.

The other books are on a slow boat from China, so they won't get here for several weeks, but… well, now you know what it'll look like.